Tonmeister: Admissions FAQs

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A. Entrance Requirements and Key Facts

A1. What are the Entry Requirements for Sound Recording?

A2. Why do I need a Music A-level to study Sound Recording?

A3. Why do I need A-level Physics to study Music & Sound Recording?

A4. Why do I need A-level Maths to study Music & Sound Recording?

A5. What are the most relevant aspects of A-Level Maths?

A6. What are the most relevant aspects of A-Level Physics?

A7. What are the most relevant aspects of A-Level Music?

A8. How can I tell whether I understand the relevant topics to A-level standard?

A9. Is (i) Music Technology A-Level or (ii) Music Theory Grade 5 OK instead of Music A-level?

A10. What if my school does not offer Music or Music Technology A-Level, or can't timetable it to avoid a clash with Maths and/or Physics?

A11. Are AS-levels OK instead of A-levels?

A12. I'm very enthusiastic about Music & Sound Recording but am not studying the right subjects but want to do the Tonmeister course so I am considering changing my A-levels. I don't want to change for no reason though so, if I change to Maths, Music & Physics, will you be able to offer me a place?

A13. I can't offer A-level Maths/Physics/Music but: I'm doing a Diploma / BTEC / etc. in Audio / Radio / TV / Music Technology / Pop Music etc. OR I'm doing an A-level in Technology / Electronics / Computing OR I have lots of experience in Music & Sound Recording. Can I still apply?

A14. I'm a mature student and already have my A-levels but they're not at very high grades. Is it worth my applying?

A15. I don't have ABRSM grade 7 or 8 performance. Are there any other qualifications that might be considered equivalent? Do I still have a chance of successfully applying?

A16. I do not have Maths / Physics / Music knowledge to the required standard but am very keen to do the Tonmeister course. What should I do? Does it matter if I take an extra year or two to get the relevant qualifications?

A17. Why do I need a performance qualification to study Music & Sound Recording?

A18. Do you consider my qualifications/experience to be equivalent to the required A-levels?

A19. I'm already doing the 3 required A-levels but want to take a 4th. Which would benefit me the most?

A20. I've heard that you get thousands and thousands of applications, is there any point in me applying?

B. Admissions Procedure

B1. From my current course &/or past experience I have already covered much of the material from the first one or two years of the Tonmeister course. Can I go straight into the second or final year?

B2. I'd like to look round the Department and talk to staff and students before I apply. Can I arrange to do this?

B3. Do I have to play any particular musical piece at audition?

B4. What will the musical test at interview involve?

B5. What will the Maths / Physics test at interview involve?

B6. How can I improve my chances? What experience do I need? What can I do to prepare for the interview? Can you offer me any additional information or advice?

B7. I'm thinking of taking a "gap" year. How do you view these?

B8. Should I send or bring examples of my recorded work?

B9. I'm currently deciding what subjects to study at school; what advice can you give me?

B10. It's extremely difficult (or impossible) for me to come to Surrey for an interview, is there any alternative?

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