Studio 2

Studio 2 has been designed predominantly for 'pop' recording. The studio floor is acoustically treated to be 'deader' than Studio 1, to limit the recorded reverberation and to allow for greater separation between the instruments. This allows greater flexibility and creativity when it comes to mixing tracks recorded here. It is 60 square metres, which is sufficient to record a large band (in fact 20-piece big bands have been recorded in there).

The control room is designed to be typical of a pop studio. The acoustics have been designed by Nick Whitaker (whose other work includes Angel, British Grove and De Lane Lea). The hub of the studio is a 56-channel SSL 9000K series console (the likes of which you'll also find in Abbey Road Studio 3, Metropolis Studio A and Real World Studios).

Students can record to a range of recording devices in studio 2, including an Otari 2" 24-track analogue tape machine with Dolby SR, a 48-track Tascam hard disk recorder, or to ProTools HDX or Logic. This room also includes Lexicon 480 reverberation, a range of outboard processing equipment, ATC SCM100 monitoring, and stereo digital (DAT & CD) recorders.